Citu helped Romania edge past Bosnia Herzegovina and finish fifth

Another VRILITTOS 2018 game ended in a dramatic fashion, with Romania defeating Bosnia Herzegovina 26:25 thanks to a Robert Citu goal, 11 seconds from time. Thus, Romania finished in fifth place of this year’s tournament leaving Bosnians lying sixth.




Romania went off to a good start securing a three-goal lead (4:1), but as soon as Bosnia Herzegovina found their rhythm in offence, they turned the tables and took the upper hand with 8:7 and 13:10 at halftime.


The Bosnians set the pace in the second half as well, preserving the slightest of margins, before Romania equalized, 24:24. With two minutes and 40 seconds still on the clock Milos Kos’ 7m shot was parried by Gabriel Preda and a few seconds later Ovidiu Ardelen scored to put Romania in front.

Bosnia Herzegovina didn’t lose their composure and Dusan Milicevic made it 25:25 one minute and 15 seconds before the end. Furthermore, the Bosnians had the ball possession for one mote attack to claim victory, but a lack of communication between Bozo Tepic and Luka Peric awarded the ball to Romania. Citu didn’t miss with his shot, while Kos’ 9m “thunder” with no time left in the shot clock, hit the post.




Scoreline: 4:2, 5:4, 6:5, 7:7, 8:8, 10:13 (halftime), 13:16, 16:18, 19:20, 21:22, 23:23, 26:25


ROMANIA (Narcis Citu): Preda, Birtas, Bote 3, Sasaran 1, Tobosaru 3, Citu 3, Bran 4, Chira, Kramer 1, Dedu, Costea 8, Ardelen 3, Muntean, Constantinescu, Pasca.


BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA (Dejan Vasilic): Milovac 2, Durdevic, Milicevic 3, Kos 9, Kalamanda, Tepic 2, Maksimovic 3, Peric 4, Parezanin, Ristic 1, Maljenovic, Simic 1, Dordevic, Lontos, Radic, Lazic.


Referees: Iancu – Cohen (Israel). 2 mins suspensions: 2-4. 7m: 3/3-4/5. Direct disqualification: 43:22′ Simic (Bosnia Herzegovina)



Narcis Citu (Coach Romania): “A happy ending for my team as we completed our presence here winning the last game.

“Today we had to deal with fatigue and the change of emotions caused by the results, but overall I am satisfied with my players. VRILITTOS’ level was very high and gave us the chance to play some very tough games.”


Dejan Vasilic (Coach Bosnia Herzezovina): “Despite loss, we are pretty satisfied with our overall performance.


“Lack was not on our side in general. You saw how we were defeated today and we also lost a place in the semi-finals by a scant one goal.


“VRILITTOS becomes better each year. The tournament offers us the chance to help our young players develop.”


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