12745678_628389293966957_8416401000156369391_nFor a second successive year VRILITTOS, the international tournament for youth and cadets, has been selected by the European Handball Federation (EHF) as part of the Young Referee Project, a programme in which refereeing couples are nominated to acquire the international badge. EHF’s lecturers will teach and test the young referees with oral and written examinations.

EHF will appoint the referees for VRILITTOS 2016, which is going to be held between 22-27 April in Veroia and has been part of the European Handball Federation’s calendar since 2014.

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Dragan Nacevski to teach a Referee/Delegate seminar at VRILITTOS 2016

Following his presence at VRILITTOS 2015, the President of the EHF Refereeing Commission, Dragan Nacevski returns this year in Veroia to teach a Referee and Delegate seminar, where all handball’s amended rules and regulations which will come in effect in the post-Olympics era, will be presented. Greek coaches are invited to attend the seminar.

Kotsionis: “Greek handball will benefit from the Young Referee Project”

VRILITTOS 2016 Managing Director Dimitris Kotsionis commented ahead of the staging of EHF’s Young Referee Project in Veroia:

“We feel pleased with EHF’s decision to host the Young Referee Project at VRILITTOS. I would like to thank the Hellenic Refereeing Committee’s President Mr. Sotiris Migas and members Giorgos Bebetsos and Yannis Meimaridis for their collaboration and their valuable contribution in bring the project to VRILITTOS.


“My gratitude also goes to the President of the Hellenic H
andball Federation Kostas Gkantis for supporting our cause. Teamwork helped us achieve a feat which in the beginning seemed difficult to accomplish. Greek handball will only benefit from the Young Referee Project.”

Two Greek couples accepted at the Young Referee Project

President of the Hellenic Refereeing Committee Mr. Migas also made a statement about the Young Referee Project:12742118_628389350633618_2411366209548739914_n

“EHF has put faith and trusted us to stage the Young Referee Project for a second year in a row. We feel honoured with their decision which proves that VRILITTOS ranks high among international age categories tournaments and that EHF acknowledges the progress Greek Refereeing has made in recent years. Due to EHF’s positive evaluation, we are enabled to accept two Greek couples at the Young Referee Project.

“I will personally direct the project on behalf of EHF, while we also expect lecturer Felix Rätz to honour us with his presence.

“And lastly I would like to thank Dragan Nacevski for his support and his willingness to teach at the Referee and Delegate seminar. I invite all Greek coaches to seize the opportunity and attend this quite important for the understanding of the new rules of handball, seminar.”

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