Pylaia’s resistance to Saint Raphael’s inferiority lasted 22 minutes (score: 15-15).

Starting from the 23rd minute onwards, the French side managed to block almost all

Pylaia’s attacking efforts and step by step opened the gap between the two teams,

until they finally won by ten goals (28-18).




Emmanuel Isotton: (Coach – Saint Raphael): “Whenever we are able to strengthen

our defence is far easier for us to win a game. In this game it took us twenty minutes

to reach our usual standards, but I believe that in the second half we were more

focused and played with passion.”

Kyriakos Lappas (Coach – Pylaia): “In the second half they managed to block our key-

player and eventually we lost our mind in attack. Our 9m shooting was poor and

therefore we couldn’t avoid defeat.”



Timeline (5 min): 4-3, 7-7, 9-12, 13-14 (halftime), 17-15, 18-15, 23-16, 28-18 

SAINT RAPHAEL (Emmanuel Isotton): Chanoyan 4, Borja 4, Decroix 3, Brisseau 5,

Penalva, Fiorenza, Lubrano 7, Legoff 5, Aici, Omnes, Belmonte, Maachou

PYLAIA (Kiriakos Lappas): Alexandridis 12, Abatzidis, Siovas D., Zigoulis, Christoforou

1, Avgeridis, Siovas I., Piatsopoulos, Xidias, Babalis, Stefanidis 1, Gagos, Siovas M.,

Petridis, Papanikou 4, Tsogas

Referees: Lundgren, Nyberg (Sweden) 2΄min: 3-5 Penalties: 4/5 – 2/2



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