The game between Pylaia and Olympiacos was a close fight for twenty minutes. The

halftime score was 10-8 in favour of Olympiacos, but the Athenian club used an

explosive second half start to lead by eight goals (16-8) in minute 25, before they

finally won 21-12, to book a place on the quarter-finals as group winners.




Kiriakos Lappas: (Coach – Pylaia): “We were aware of the potential of Olympiacos’

players, but still we were not as energetic as we should have been in attack. The

same applies to our defence. We have to learn how to deal with the game when we

are trailing. I believe today’s game was good lesson for us.”

Antonis Koulakaris: (Coach – Olympiacos Keratsini): “I am glad we reached the

quarters and the kids feel very happy as well for scoring three wins in as many

matches. I used all the players I have at my disposal and whenever that happens,

elevates the team’s mood.”



Timeline (5 min): 3-3, 5-6, 6-8, 8-10 (halftime), 8-16, 11-19, 12-20, 12-21

PYLAIA (Kiriakos Lappas): Alexandridis 5, Abatzidis, Siovas D., Zigoulis, Christoforou

1, Avgeridis, Siovas I., Piatsopoulos, Xidias, Babalis 1, Stefanidis 1, Gagos, Siovas M.,

Petridis, Papanikou 4, Tsogas

OLYMPIACOS KERATSINIOY (Antonis Koulakaris): Samios, Koukoulas 3, Vlachos,

Kostopoulos, Giannakopoulos, Vazeos 5, Paletsakis, Karatzis, Sotiriou, Anrion 3,

Xipnitos 2, Michalopoulos 1, Nakos 7, Lekakos, Paschalis, Markou

Referees: Andjelic, Djordjevic (Serbia) 2΄min: 8-2 Penalties: 1/1 – 5/7 Red Card: 09:36

Stefanidis (3×2΄), Red Card: 35:38 Papanikou (3×2΄)



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