01-logoI would like to thank you all for your kind words and wishes.
This effort would not succeed without the help of volunteers Parents & Young athletes who were actively involved ,Aki-Panayioti, Labrini, Gianna, Manoli, Eftihi ,Ioanna… and many others.

Allow me to thank some people who I did not have the time to announce them publicly. I thank Elias Protogeris for his trust and help, my friend Bane from Serbia , the President of Partizan mr. Blakojevitch , Nikos Grammaticos , Panayioti Iatroudi , George Kranakis, John Vareltzi and Alexis Albanos .I also want to thank Interamerican insurance company and the White Cross private clinic for the disposal of their ambulances , the insurance office of mr. George Korma, the Hotel Holiday Inn, Mr. Panayioti Traikoglou for … his inflatables in the yard , the Mr Zervo Achillea, the company Athletiatric , mr. Chris Sotirakopoulo, the cleaning company Elbacleaning, the staff design and support Marilena – Philip – Vangelis John, journalists Costa Hatzidimitriou –Niko Mahera- Alexander Piperia – Roula Stiga.

Most of all, I want to thank you parents who trusted me your children during these wonderful three days and I believe that I did it ….. as I had promised you. Let us all keep Nikos Bountouris’ words to all of us: “Let’s help our children to fix all that we ruined in the past”.

The 1st International Tournament VRILITTOS closed officially today and as of tomorrow the preparations for the second tournament begins.

I thank you from my heart !

The president
Dimitris Kotsionis