Dear fans,

We, members of the Organizing Committee of the 1st International Tournament Mini handball «VRILITTOS», would like to express our thanks for the honour you made us to participate in this event.

We believe that there is still passion and mood for a better tomorrow in the athletic space, so as to «turn page» in this country. New roads and new fields for action are being opened, where all together as ordinary citizens can take action next to our children in order to provide them the best.
Ushering in a new time in sport events in our country ,we ask for your continuous ,active participation and your subscription in order to be able to continue being part of a large company of parents and friends where all together will offer to children, in sports and our country.
We want to thank the athletes and their coaches, volunteers, everyone who contributed in any way in the organization and its achievement .We also thank the municipality of Vrilissia, the Hellenic Handball Federation and our team E.S.N. Vrilission.
We wish good luck and fun to the children.

The Organizing Committee,
staffed by dads and moms of young athletes of municipality of Vrilissia.