Parallel developmental action on Saturday in «Wall of Nations» with the participation of young athletes and winners of the Olympic Games


The Organizing Committee of «VRILITTOS 2018» happily announces that parallel to the 6th international handball tournament (March 30th Μ- April 3rd 2018), will take place a night action of the European program Be Active, which is under the supervise of the Greek General Secretarial of Sports.


VRILITTOS in cooperation with GSS, the Development Commission of HHF- and the participation of Hellenic Gymnastics Federation- organize on Saturday March 31th 2018 at 19:00 in «Wall of Nations» of OACA, street handball games. There will also be a symbolic afforestation and little lamps will be released to the sky with wishes from athletes and guests for the world peace!


Make Place For One More Woman in Handball

In the actions will participate athletes from the National teams of «VRILITTOS 2018», young athletes from Greek clubs, plain people, winners of the Olympic Games, veterans and representatives of the program «Make Place For One More Woman».

Hellenic Handball Federation is the first Federation which adopted that program which targets the development of women sports.


Kostas Stamatiadis, President of the Organizing Committee «VRILITTOS 2018», G.S of HHF and member of Be Active stated: «VRILITTOS- World Championship- Be Active- Make Place For One More Woman. In four days four different organizations take place and are united. The connection between them is Hellenic Handball Federation. Always in action, in motion, always Be Active. We are expecting you in OACA for the games of the National teams, to have fun in Be Active and support Make Place For One More Woman as well».


Dionisis Karakasi, National Coordinator of Be Active stated: «We are greeting those actions, which bring students and parents closer to athletic way of life. This is an important action, which opens the program of Greek Be Active for 2018».


Maria Tiktapanidou, ambassador of «VRILITTOS 2018» stated:

«the most important message is sports, the programs communication especially in young children, students and parents as they are the beginning of everything. Sports create healthy prototypes and gives the right motives. You are all welcome to take part in Be Active action and make sports a way of life».



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