World forces in VRILITTOS 2018

Greece, Croatia, Iceland, Russia, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Israel and China are the participants in the International tournament in OACA.

The organizing committee of the 6th International Handball Tournament «VRILITTOS 2018»,  gave its first official press conference in OACA, for the organization which will be held the period March 30th to April 3rd in the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens.

The tournament refers to the age category U16 and as it was announced today, except from our national team, the participants are great handball forces such as Croatia, Iceland, Russia, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Israel and China.

The speakers in the press conference were the General Secretariat of Sports Ioulios Sinadinos, the General Secretariat of the Hellenic Handball Federation Kostas Stamatiadis,  the Regional Consultant of Attica, responsible for sports affairs Spiros Pantzas, the President of OACA Aris Kouris, the Manager of Communication and Company Sociable Responsibility of Athens Medical Group Savvas Karagiannis, the President of ELEPAP Marianna Moschou and the Director Consultant of «VRILITTOS» Dimitris Kotsionis.

The press conference was honored by the presence of the Ambassador of Croatia Alexander Sunko, the representatives of the Embassy of Russia Rogalev Gennaty, from the Embassy of Israel Sawsan Hasson, the member of the Greek Olympic Comittee Giorgos Alikakos, the president of the club ESN Vrilissia Akis Valavanis, the ex-volleyball athlete Maria Tiktapanidou and many representatives of the Media.

The international tournament is organized by the sports sector VRILITTOS A.M.K.H.E., the Hellenic Handball Federation, the Regional of Attica, the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens «Spiros Louis», and sponsored by the General Secretariat of Sports, the International Handball Federation, the European Handball Federation and with the support of the City of Amarousio.

Our Medical supporter is Athens Medical Group, which will support the Greek Company for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Handicap People (ELEPAP).


Follow the statements:

Ioulios Sinadinos (General Secretariat of Sports): «I would like to thank you all for your presence today, the Ambassador of Croatia and the representatives of the Embassies of Russia and Israel. We gathered here today for the presentation of the international tournament «VRILITTOS». The General Secretariat of Sports sponsors the this organization, which for the past six years develops and provides the opportunity not only for handball games but the development of international relations for our country and handball as well through the participation of many countries. The tournament is a very good chance for our country to prepare for its obligation toward the organization of World Adolescence Tournament 2021. Our Federation has devised a four year plan for the development of handball and GSS is already an assistant to this effort. Parallel to the tournament there are many action for kids to happen, which will take the tournament to a level of a sports celebration. We wish good luck and to enjoy the organization».

Kostas Stamatiadis (General Secretariat of the Greek Handball Federation):

«On behalf of us I welcome you in this special event, because we continue something that was developed that past years and we don’t start it from the scratch. In collaboration with Dimitris (Kotsionis) and Katerina (Psomiadou), the main organizers, we agreed to change the character of the tournament and make it bigger. Another reason for that was the organization of World Adolescence Tournament by HHF. We decided that the National teams participating should be of the age of those who will participate in the big celebration in Athens in four years. From now to 2021 this tournament will be organized in that form and will grow every year. Our goal for this tournament is to be the test event of the World Championship. Additional to Mr. Sinadinos statement, I would like to say that our Federation shows a sociable character in all events. During VRILITTOS there will take place actions by BE ACTIVE, a European program by GSG and HHF as a leader. The organizing committee of VRILITTOS is yet to be announced in the next press conference as it’s not in its final synthesis. For this year on there will be ambassadors of VRILITTOS in order to promote the tournament all over the world».

In the question about the courts for the World Championship and whether the organization is about to take place in OACA he answered: «Handball in not an easy task.  It happens to be here today one of the first president of HHF Mr. Alikakos and we know that this sport has been under «athletic racism» the past 40 years. There are no places for the games. With effort, pain, tears, blood, suffering and passion and of course the excellent cooperation between OACA and GSG, we managed to build a court only for handball, for the first time in Athens. But the Kassimatis hall doesn’t respond to all the requirements (for example opposite stands) for wide range games. So we all have to find the way, with the help of the state to be dignified in the World Championship. Our desire is to find places in OACA. For that purpose we are already cooperating with the state and the administration of OACA».

Spiros Pantzas (Regional Consultant of Attica, responsible for sports affairs):

«On behalf of the Region of Attica, I would like to congratulate all the organizers for their efforts an even prosecution. VRILITTOS has a great history supporting developmental ages. Our motive is the participation of the National teams and of course Greece. The region of Attica sponsors the organization along with HHF and the others sponsors. Region of Attica also supports financially via Regional Fund. Also an agreement between Region of Attica and Federation is about to be signed, for the development of handball through actions, infrastructure and programs. I wish from my heart for the success of VRILITTOS».


Aris Kouris (President of OACA): «On behalf of the Administrative Board I welcome you to the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens. OACA has always be near the efforts of Greek athletes, the Federations and to people providing the Olympic Spirit. It’s an honor for me to participate in VRILITTOS, because the organizers are my friends as long as respectable persons. I believe that the success is certain and we will all contribute. It’s the begging of a great effort, which will help the popular sport of handball to develop and rise».

Savvas Karagiannis (Manager of Communication and Company Sociable Responsibility of Athens Medical Group): «Athens Medical Group is honored to participate actively in that effort as for the last 33 years company sociable responsibility is main part of its policy. I wish the best luck for the organization».

Marianna Moschou (President of ELEPAP): «Being here is of great joy for me and ELEPAP as well. All started from VRILITTOS. It of great importance that in a such important organization is a sociable cause, and this year we are lucky enough to be us. In March 2nd we celebrate the 80 years since the foundation of ELEPAP, with constant operation and six branches in Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Volos, Agrinio and Chania. 1.000 children come to us every day and 100.000 has graduated. We have past, present and future and we continue in this new era with innovative programs. Good luck, we hope that this wonderful for handball work will continue».

Dimitris Kotsionis (Director Consultant of VRILITTOS): «VRILITTOS started six years ago as an idea. By my side were my wife Katerina Psomiadou and Mr. Akis Valavanis. In cooperation with HHF, we decided to change the philosophy of the tournament due to the World Adolescence Championship in Greece and to target the games of the National teams, offering our kids experiences of international games with high leveled teams that will meet in 2021. It’s a difficult journey but we are determined to keep our standards. It’s of great joy for us, that Athens Medical Group is our medical supporter for a 4th year and an honor that ELEPAP cooperate with us in the sociable part of the tournament. Each year VRILITTOS, apart from the athletic profile, has a cultural side, by offering all the teams images of the great history and cultural legacy of our country. This year we have a scheduled visit to Acropolis Museum and the Archaeological site. The countries that had already been to VRILITTOS couldn’t wait for the annunciation of VRILITTOS and for others the fact that the tournament will take place in Athens and OACA was a motive. I believe in the cooperation of all the participants because I truly believe that we are able to give our children the opportunity to fulfill their dreams in 2021. The National teams participating in VRILITTOS 2018 are Greece, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Israel, Iceland, Russia and China.

With those teams we begin the journey till 2021, when we hope to have 24 teams as participants of the test event before World Championship. The tournament will have two groups of four teams. Each country will play in five games. The total games are 20. The composition of the groups and the program are soon to be announced».

After the end of the press conference there were greetings from the representatives of the Embassy of Croatia, Russia and Israel.

Alexander Sunko (Ambassador of Croatia): «Good morning. I must be honest and admit that I didn’t know about VRILITTOS till today. All that I heard was a pleasant surprise. This is amazing. I knew that handball is very active in Croatia but I know find out that there is communication and collaboration with Greece through this tournament. On behalf of our Embassy we will give any assistance needed and the kids will receive our support throughout games».

Sawsan Hasson (Consultant of the Embassy of Israel): «We are very happy to be here as Embassy of Israel. This year is very important for us as there are 70 years since the foundation of our country and the installation of our Embassy in Greece in 1948. The participation of our National team in the tournament will be included in the celebrations. Congratulation to the organizers and we wish you good luck».

Rogalev Gennady (Representative of the Embassy of Russia): «Good luck. We wish this tournament to be an international station and a start for a perfect organization of the World Championship in 2021».



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