Coaches of Greece, Russia, China and Israel made statements of VRILITTOS 2018

The 6th International Handball Tournament «VRILITTOS 2018» will be held in the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens from March 30th to April 3rd 2018 with the participation of eight National Teams (U16).

The coaches of the National Teams of Greece, Russia, China and Israel which participate in the A’ group in the A’ fase made statements in «VRILITTOS 2018» press office.

History of the teams and coaches statements:



The athletes of the National team (U16) participated two years ago as Team (U14) in the international tournament in Lokomotiva BRCKO. Greece participated two times in VRILITTOS and ended the tournament in the 4th place both times among six teams.

Nikolaos Georgiadis (National coach):

«We are very lucky to have one of the best tournaments in Europe held in Greece. A tournament of a high organizing and athletic quality level.

My wishes are for strong games, wonderfull handball and teams and athletes that will play a leading part in the future.

Good luck to all organizers and participants».


It is one of the strongest forces worldwide. They have 36 participation in big organizations and eight medals in the Men team. Their greatest moment was the golden medal in the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000, while they have won two World Championships (1993, 1997) and one golden in Europe (1996). They participate in VRILITTOS for the first time.

Aleksander Kovalenko (coach of Russia):

 «Greece has a very rich history. We really want to plunge into this atmosphere! As for sports, we have gathered gifted children 2002-03 from all over Russia in Chekhov. After playing at your tournament, we will see our level. We will have 11/04 in Chekhov best of young men 2002 – 2003 Superiority tournament Russia so will get very good practice on your tournament and thanks for invitation!


The biggest country in the planet with 1.388.470.000 population and huge investments in sports are this year in VRILITTOS. China was a strategical choice by the Organizing Committee and there will be many benefits for the Greek handball through the cooperation with them. Their National Men team participated in two World Championships and has won two silver and two bronze medals in Asian Championships. They have also participated in the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008.

Zheng Jingzhong (coach of China):

«Very pleased to have this chance to exchange and play with the Greek Handball Team, an elite squad worldwide thanks to a long history of handball in the country. We can learn a lot of advanced ideas and skills from this exchange. To prepare for this event, we have been gathering and systematically training for five months, in an attempt to make our players physically and mentally stronger, more skillful, and better in tactical coordination.Hopefully, we can learn from this exchange different coaching ideas and skills in technical and tactical application, and make our players more skillful in staging attacks from multiple positions, and shooting in diversified manners.

Finally, we hope both teams can promote each other and keep making progress via this exchange game. Long live our friendship!



It’s the third time that the National Youth Team Israel participates in the tournament. They won the bronze medal in 2016 against Greek team in the second finale by score 32-22. Israel participated in VRILITTOS 2017 with two teams. They won the gold medal with the των Team (U14) and the 5th place with the Team (U16). As a team they have many athletic potentials and they made significant progress over the latest years.

Nikola Maksimovic (coach of Israel):

«I am very happy and privileged to participate in 6th Vrilittostournament. This will be my 3rd time to participate on Vrilittos. I have special emotions towards Vrilittostournament because on the first edition I won a gold medal with the team I coached in the year 2013. – HC Novi Beograd. From that moment I love Vrilittos and I have unforgettable memories. The tournament is well organized by the group of handball enthusiasts. For my team, it will be first real experience as a national team. We have participated previous year, but this year we will compete vs national teams. The tournament is great opportunity to see where we are at this moment comparing to other national teams. We want to show that Israeli handball has a huge potential and is only a matter of time when we will be very close to the European top level nations. List of participants is very interesting and guarantees excellent handball. I am looking forward to leading Israel national team in Athens!!! ».




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