Greece will be against Russia, China and Israel in the 1st phase.

The organizing committee of “VRILITTOS 2018” announces the groups and the programme of the 6th International Tournament, that will be held on March 30th to April 3rd in OACA with the participation of 8 National Teams (K16). 

Our national team is in the 1st group and it will compete against Russia, China and Israel, while in the 2nd group the teams competing are those of Romania, Croatia, Iceland and Bosnia.

The two first teams of each group will qualify to the semifinale. In total there wiil be held 20 games and all the teams will play in 5 games each.


A’ Group : Greece, Russia, China, Israel

B’ Group : Romania, Croatia, Iceland, Bosnia/Ηerzegovina


Friday March 30th 2018

17:00 Greece – Russia

18:45 China – Israel

22:00 Technical Meeting


Saturday March 31st  2018

09:30 Romania – Croatia

11:15 Iceland – Bosnia

13:00 Israel – Russia

15:00 Opening Ceremony 

16:45 China- Greece

18:30 Bosnia- Romania

19:00 Be Active actions

20:30 Dinner Party


Sunday April 1st 2018

10:00 Romania – Iceland

11:45 Croatia -Bosnia

13:30 Greece -Israel

15:15 Russia – China

18:30 Iceland – Croatia

22:00 Dinner/ Symposium for coaches


H, Monday April 2nd 2018

09:00 Α3-Β4

10:35 Α4-Β3

12:10 1st semifinale (Α1-Β2)

13:45 2nd semifanile (Β1-Α2)

15:20 Places 7-8

16:55 Places 5-6

18:30 Second Final (places 3-4)

20:15 Finale

22:00 Closing Ceremony


H. Tuesday April 3rd  

Tour to Akropolis

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