Croatia in pole position after beating Bosnia Herezegovina

Croatia had the upper hand in their game against Bosnia Herzegovina and didn’t find it hard to beat their neighbours 26:21 to edge closer to the semi-final phase.


Goalkeeper Mislav Turcic, Luka Leskovec who scored six goals and Mislav Trninic who added five more to their team’s tally, were the leaders of a superior Croatian team who climbed on top of their group with one much still in hand.


Croatia needed no more than 20 minutes to reach a five-goal difference (13:8 at 20’). To make things even worse for Bosnia Herzegovina their play maker Luka Dordevic had to exit injured and never returned on the court.

The difference opened up to eight goals (19:11) in the second half, and all Bosnia Herzegovina could achieve is losing the game with a five-goal difference. 


Scoreline: 3:2, 7:6, 10:7, 13:9, 16:11, 18:11 (halftime) 20:13, 22:16, 23:18, 25:19, 25:21, 26:21

CROATIA (Nino Markovic):  Jutrisa 3, Farkas, Lisac, Dendo, Svrznjak 4, Grdovic, Neralic 5, Leskovec 6, Salic, Tintor, Bakovic, Strkovic 1, Trninic 5, Puric 2, Turcic, Pandza.

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA (Dejan Vasilic): Milovac , Durdevic 3, Milicevic 1, Kos 4, Kalamanda, Tepic 1, Maksimovic 3, Peric 4, Parezanin, Ristic 3, Maljenovic, Simic 1, Dordevic 1, Lontos, Radic, Lazic.

Referees: Alvarez – Bustamante (Spain). 2 mins suspensions: 2-3. 7m: 2/4 – 0/1



Roko Puric (Player Croatia): “We were in control throughout the whole first half as well as in the opening minutes of the second period, but at some point we allowed Bosnia Herzegovina to come close. Nevertheless, we kept our composure and won by five goals, a satisfying result.


“I first came at VRILITTOS last year. It is a great tournament in which we gain valuable experience.”


Dejan Vasilic (Coach Bosnia Herzegovina): “Playing against a traditional powerhouse like Croatia always looks like a hard task to accomplish.


“Today we didn’t manage to be competitive, maybe because we felt tired after playing two matches yesterday, but I don’t really think that was the main reason for our defeat. Croatia was a far better side, I guess they are the tournament’s top team.


“I hope we will finish among the teams who will qualify for the semi-finals.”


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