Officials and Organisers Remarks

The opening ceremony of the 6th international handball tournament VRILITTOS was held in the Athens Olympic Centre “G. Kasimatis” indoor hall.

Speeches and opening remarks from officials and organisers followed the eight participating teams’ parade, while the ceremony was concluded with the Hellenic national anthem.



Konstantinos Gkantis (President of the Hellenic Handball Federation): 

“I would like to welcome all participating youth teams to VRILITTOS 2018 and wish them good luck. From now on and due to the brand-new format, the tournament will bear the name “Athens World Cup” and will be held under the auspices of the International Handball Federation.

“VRILITTOS is probably the lone international event of this kind worldwide. This year’s tournament is the inaugurate edition of a four-year cycle which will be culminated with the staging of the IHF Men’s Youth World Championship in 2021 in Greece.

“Allow me also please to express my gratitude to the Athens Olympic Centre board and the sponsors for supporting this event.

“I hope we will welcome more teams and officials next year, enjoy more spectacular games and maybe also see a few girls’ teams taking part.

“I hope that all players and fans will enjoy the sporting, social and cultural aspects the tournament may offer.”


Stelios Aggeloudis (Hellenic Olympic Committee Vice-President): 

“Welcome to Athens and to Greece. I wish to congratulate the organisers for this initiative. Greek handball needs competitions of this caliber and the Hellenic Olympic Committee always offers its support to similar project.

“I wish all the teams the best of luck. May you enjoy your stay and try your best in all your games.”


Dimitris Kotsionis (VRILITTOS 2018 CEO): 

“I would like to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for accepting our invitation. We are privileged to organise this year’s tournament with the support of the Hellenic Handball Federation and the Region of Attica.

“From my side I wish you to enjoy the tournament, stay healthy and when time will come for you to return to your respective countries, may you carry with you the best of memories.

“May love be with you always.”


Bane Stranic (VRILITTOS 2018 Competition Manager): 

“VRLITTOS has evolved over the past five years with the support of the Hellenic Handball Federation.

“I wish all the players to enjoy their participation, avoid injuries and make new friends.” 


 Maria Tiktapanidou (VRILITTOS 2018 Ambassador): 

“Kudos to the organisers who created this great tournament with love and devotion and to the players for their efforts on the court.

“I am sure that all participants will comprehend the power of sports and feel the vibration of the tournament.”


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