Six teams from abroad in the category U15 are participating in the 5th National Tournament for Developmental Ages

  1. The organizing committee of «VRILITTOS» happily announces the six clubs U15 (born in 2002-2003) from abroad that are to participate in the 5th National Tournament for Developmental Ages on 7-11 (Friday to H. Thursday) April 2017.

    The event will be hosted for a 4th time in a row by Veria, the «Metropolis» of Greek handball.

    In «VRILITTOS 2017» participate the National teams U17 (born in 2000-2001), of Greece, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Israel and Austria.

    The U15 Greek teams are: Filippos Veria, IEK Xini Dikeas, PAOK, YMCA, PILEA and Prosotsani, while the teams abroad are: Paris Saint Germain (France), National team of Israel, Croatia Zagreb (Croatia), Vardar (FYROM), Partizan Beograd (Serbia), Lokomotiva BRCKO (Bosnia-Herzegovina).

    History of the teams and coaches’ comments


    Last year won the golden medal and the first place in the tournament in the finale against Novi Beograd. The Croatian team participates in «VRILITTOS» for a 4th time in a row. In their previous participations have always been in the finals and they have also won the first place in 2014 and the silver medal in 2015. The men’s team is the top team in Croatia with 25 championships, 23 cups, two Champions Leagues and one Adriatic League Champion.

  2.  Nina Markovic (Coach RK PPD Zagreb ):« Handball club PPD Zagreb for the fourth consecutive year, performing at your tournament in Greece, which is proof that with the excellent organization, come and quality teams that we use to make even more progress. We look forward to getting to VRILITTOS 2017, as well as matches that the organization is always at a high level».


    Partizan Beograd along with Filippos Veria is the only team that has participated in all «VRILITTOS» tournaments. In their 5th participation they hope for another medal since their best place (3rd) was in 2014. In 2016 attained the 5th place while they were in the 4th place in 2013 and 2015. The men’s team has attained 9 championships, 11 cups and three Super Cup of Serbia.

    Zivan Vukovic (Coach of Partizan Beograd): «Our team will with great pleasure participate in the tournament «VRILITTOS» again. Because RK PARTIZAN in Veria feels like in its own town, it will be easy for us to give our 110% in that fiendly enviroment and to leave a good impression about Serbian handball and our club, and we are also hoping to have good results. All of the players and their parents are expecting the beginning of the tournament with big impatience and are looking forward to our next arrival».

    We’ll be there !!!



    It is the only National team in the U15 category. Over the last years became an integral part of the tournament by their 3rd participation. The team’s presence is remarkable as they attained the bronze medal in 2015 and the silver medal in 2014.

    Aleksandar Brkovic (Coach of National Team Israel coming as head of National Teams): «I am very glad to be back on «VRILITTOS» after 4 years. Still I keep very warm memories from 1st «VRILITTOS» in Athens. Me as national chief coordinator I am sure that Israeli teams 2000 and 2002 with fight hard with all other European teams and let the best teams win the tournament».



    This great team from France participates in «VRILITTOS» for a 2nd time in a row. It is expected by the team to add more glamour in the tournament as they did last year. They attained the 4th place in 2016 after they won after penalties the Olympiakos Keratsiniou team in the semifinals. The men’s team is the richest in the world with an 18 million euros budget. The team is the champion of France for two years in a row and in great favor for the first place in Champion League this year.

    Jean-Marc Roudier (Development Manager PARIS SG Handball): «First of all, our team is so happy to have a new participation in tournament in Veria. After our first experience in European tournament with young Parisians last year, we are stronger, and our team will participate not only for human experience, but we are now stronger and go for competition. We are proud to come again and make better handball to show how PSG, with short life, is taking more place in European handball».

    Thanks to «VRILITTOS» !!!



    The team from Bosnia participates in «VRILITTOS» for a 3rd time in a row. They have attained the 14th place in 2016 and the 17th place in 2015. The team has strong infrastructure and provides the National team with many athletes. Each September they organize one of the bigger tournaments for young ages in Europe.

    Šarenac Goran (Coach Rk Lokomotiva 2002): «My team 3rd time participate on «VRILITTOS». Tournament is high quality, we have the opportunity to meet with the best clubs in the region and wider. Last year we didn’t achieve remarkable result but this year we expect to correct the impression. «VRILITTOS» is one of the best tournaments in Europe, and certainly the best organized tournament where we participated. Out team love this tournament, a lot of positive impressions cope from last year’s «VRILITTOS», from people who have within the organization to faith all the inhabitants are very hospitable. I want to welcome all participants «VRILITTOS» and to wish everyone best results and health».



    They participate in the tournament for the first time. It is a great European force, as their men’s team in one of the best in Champion League and has already managed to the semi-final for this year. They have attained 10 championships and 11 cups in FYROM and two European titles (Adriatic League).

    Andrijana Budimir (1st Coach HC VARDAR): «First of all I want to THANK organizers in the name of HC Vardar for invitation on one of the best European tournaments for young age, «VRILITTOS». This tournament will be challenge for me and my team especially because of other teams which participate because we know they are among best in Europe in this age, and we will give our best to justify invitation and our participation».

  7. Thank you one more time and for all others……. be there !!!


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