Six Greek teams in the category U15 are participating in the 5th National Tournament for Developmental Ages.

The organizing committee of «VRILITTOS» happily announces the six clubs U15  that are to participate in the 5th National Tournament for Developmental Ages on 7-11 (Friday to H. Thursday) April 2017.

The event will be hosted for a 4th time in a row by Veria, the «Metropolis» of Greek handball.

In «VRILITTOS 2017» participate the National teams U17, of Greece, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina Romania, Israel and Austria.

The U15 Greek teams are: Filippos Veria, PAOK, IEK Xini Dikeas, YMCA, PILEA and Prosotsani.

History of the teams and coaches’ comments


It is the only Greek team which has participated in all «VRILITTOS» tournaments since 2013. It is a dominant club in developmental ages, by its 36 titles. The 22 titles are from the boy’s teams since they have attained 9 Greek Championships U17, 6 for Adolescents, 4 Mini and 3 U15. In total the club has in its trophy case 53 titles in all categories, which is a record for the Greek handball. Kiros Sarafis: «I would like to express our special joy for the participation of our team in «VRILITTOS 2017». I believe that in that national tournament, which has become an institution in developmental ages in Greece and abroad, the quality of the games will be extremely high. That is why we are trying to prepare us as units and as a team, so as to respond as good as possible to that challenge, to obtain experiences that will help us level up to the teams abroad in the future. We have the will, the talent and the knowledge. We happily greet all the teams from Greece and abroad. I wish VRILITTOS all success and I invite you all to this celebration of handball in Veria».


With the acquirement of one Greek U15 Championship (2015). PAOK is considered as one of the rising powers of handball. In men level, they have won 3 championships (2009, 2010, 2015), 2 cups (2012, 2015), while in women had the joy of championship once in 2013 and 2 cups (2014, 2016). PAOK participates in the tournament for a 4th time in a row, since 2014. Giannis Mpizetas: «We are very happy to participate for a 4th time in a row in that European range tournament. My hopes are for good games and a tournament without problems. Our boys, through their games with the best U15 teams of Europe will obtain experiences. I would like to thank Dimitris Kotsionis and Katerina Psomiadou from the bottom of my heart for everything they offer to handball and the experiences they hand to our kids. We will be there. Be there!».


It is one of the best Greek teams regarding their development infrastructure and action. Many of YMCA’s talented players are part of the National teams and have great careers abroad as well. The club has won three Greek Adolescents Championships (2004, 2005, 2008), while in 2017 for the first time in its 37 years history has qualified to the Final Four of Men Cup. It should be noted that is the first team from the Second Men category to achieve such thing. The team participates for a 3rd time in a row since 2015. Giorgos Vasiliadis: «Our participation in the 5th National Tournament «VRILITTOS 2017» is not just an athletic challenge or a trial. It is the fulfillment of an anticipation of mine and my teams as well as a meeting point of our efforts in the current season. I would like, from behalf of all of us to thank the Organizing Committee for having us as co-travellers in that journey, that holds for us great emotions and important experiences. I wish to all athletes health, good results to the teams and courage to the organizers and volunteers. Looking forward in meeting you….Be There!».

IEK Xini Dikeas

The team of New Ionia participates in «VRILITTOS» for a 2nd team since their first participation in 2013 in the sports hall of Vrilissia. They are the champions in the U14, while their men team stands in the first place in the Handball Premier. Alexis Alvanos: «Our participation in the 5th VRILITTOS 2017 National Tournament is a great honor as this event is of a European level that gives our athletes the chance not only to compete among high quality teams but to coexist and exchange experiences in an athletic frame. VRILITTOS is a strong motive for every athlete and every coach to be part of it as it is provides in the best way the athletic ideal in combination with the social work. We are all looking forward to meeting you». 


This team from Thessaloniki is considered as a «miracle » of the developmental ages since within few years in handball has managed to obtain 5 Greek titles, 2 championships in category U17 and one Girls Mini. The men team competes in the Handball Premier, while the club is participating for its 3rd time in VRILITTOS since 2014 and 2016. Giannis Ampatzidis (Vice President): «We would like to thank you for the invitation and the honor to our team, to participate in a worldwide tournament, which numbers among the best in Europe. VRILITTOS is identical to handball. For a second year in a row our team PILEA U15 are going to participate in the tournament in order to obtain experiences, friendships and excellences with high leveled teams from all over Europe. We wish with all our heart for the absolute success of the tournament as last year. The participations of great teams has already given the tournament great prestige. It is pleasure and honor for a team to participate in such tournament. Therefore, so is for our team PILEA which despite their short history has rich development in the young ages teams. Best regards to DIMITRIS KOTSIONIS and KATERINA PSOMIADOU and all the contributors of VRILLITOS as well Be there».


The handball club of the town of Drama systematically invests on the Greek handball by its great reception courses. It is not by chance that the club has won the Championship in Girls U15 and the Greek Championship U13 of 2015. It is the new member in VRILITTOS family as it is their first participation in the tournament. Ilias Kalaitsidis: «it was with great joy and honor to accept your proposal as you listed us among so many great teams from our country and abroad. The Prosotsani team and the U15 section will participate for the first time in a great tournament with such a European impact. For our athletes this would be a great experience as they are to compete with strong and special teams which are “mothers” of handball and they will give them the chance to acquire more knowledge in the manners of the game. We sincerely thank VRILITTOS organization and specifically Mr. Dimitri Kotsioni for their invitation. We wish good luck to all the teams and we hope that this event will truly be a celebration of European handball for all».

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