The Greek National team will be framed by five excellent handball schools in the 5th International Tournament for Developmental Ages. 

The organizing committee of «VRILITTOS» happily announces the six National Teams U17 that are to participate in the 5th International Tournament for Developmental Ages on 7-11 ( Friday to H. Tuesday) April 2017.

Veria, the «Metropolis» of Greek handball will host the event for 4th year in a row. 

The participations in «VRILITTOS 2017» consist of National teams U17 (born in 2000-2001) and Clubs U15 (born in 2002-2003). 

The National teams U17 are: Greece, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Israel and Austria. 

«Experiences of social sensibility, voluntarism and culture»

The federal coach of the National U17 team Tasos Chatiziparasidis states: 

VRILITTOS is considered now, in the minds of athletes and coaches, as a tournament of a very high competitive and organizational level. From the competitive point of view it is of a great opportunity for international games and contact with different playing styles. But beyond that, VRILITTOS enables the contact with the international community of handball, enriches us with experience and gives to the participants the experience of social sensitivity, volunteering and culture in the best possible way.

A few words for the teams abroad:


The National U17 team of Croatia attained the first place in the «VRILITTOS» tournament last year by winning the National team of Hungary in the final with 29-25 score.

The National Men Croatian team is one of the best in the world, by having won twice the Olympic gold medal (1996, 2004) and the World Championship (2003), while it has won other 10 medals in big events as well.


Bosnia-Herzegovina is a country that has already made many steps to progress in handball and it is their first participation in «VRILITTOS». Their National Men team managed to participate in the World Handball Championship in Qatar in 2015.


The Romanian handball school comes with many excellences. They have won four World Men Championships (1961, 1964, 1970, 1974), two bronze medals in the same event (1967, 1990) and four medals in Olympics Games (1972, 1976, 1980, 1984). It is their first participation in the International Tournament for Developmental Ages.


The National U17 team of Israel participates for a second time in the tournament. They won the bronze medal last year after winning the National Greek team by the score 32-22. It is a team with high athletic quality and very good results for their National Men team over the past years. 


Austria is a traditional force of the European handball. The National Men team has participated in five World Championships, last in 2015. Their top excellence was the silver medal in 1938 while they have participate in two European Championships (2010 end 2014). The National U17 will participate in «VRILITTOS» for the first time. 

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