«Inpatients for our participation and performance in the organized tournament»

Zoran Mlinarić (National Team Coach): «We are looking forward to appear at the tournament and we hope that this year will be even better than last year, which was exceptionally good. VRILITTOS 2016 at the organizational level was excellent (from accommodation to the organization match). We look forward with performance to contribute to the quality of the tournament».



 «Gratefulness for our first participation it the desired tournament»

Nebojsa Golic (National Team Coach): «My desire came true to be participants of the well-known tournament in Veria as a cadet selection of BiH. I am very grateful to everyone who made it possible. This will be the first strengthens checks boys who are selected from hundred boys, and certainly a new experience in every aspect for them and us coaches. Realistically this is a very talented selection and on all of us and especially the players to give their best to make the most of them in the future were the bearers of the senior national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I as a national team coach expect a very courageous, disciplined and combat team that always seems to know what he wants and that is “to be a champion”. The tournament is one of the best in Europe, as shown by the participants themselves who come back every year in Veria. Since many of them I have heard only words of praise and that’s why I wanted to be part of that and we manifestation. I hope for our good games and good results. Let our first international verification passes in a combat or a clear mind and without any injuries for us and other participants».



«Ready for the strong experience of  ‘’VRILITTOS 2017’’

Roland Marouschek (National Team Coach): «We are looking forward to participate in the VRILITTOS Tournament 2017 in Veria. We expect tough matches, great experiences for our young players on the playground and around as well as lots of new impressions within the international Handball family. For many of us this is the first time to take part in a tournament in Greece, so we are excited and open».



«Happiness, friendship an good games as well known»

Dana Bucsa (Chief of International Relations Department Federation Romania): «We have heard about VRILITTOS from Serbian federation few months ago. We hope our kids will be happy in Greece as well as organizations with our team. We wish for many good games, health to all and to meet some new friends! ».



«With beautiful memories of the first ’’VRILITTOS’’ and let the best win!»

Aleksandar Brkovic (Coach of National Team Israel coming as head of National Teams): «I am very glad to be back on VRILITTOS after 4 years. Still I keep very warm memories from 1st VRILITTOS in Athens. Me as national chief coordinator I am sure that israeli teams 2000 and 2002 with fight hard with all other European teams and let the best teams win the tournament».



«Experiences of social sensibility, voluntarism and culture»

Tasos Chatiziparasidis (National Team Coach):  «VRILITTOS is considered now, in the minds of athletes and coaches, as a tournament of a very high competitive and Organizational level. From the competitive point of view it is of a great opportunity for International games and contact with different playing styles. But beyond that, VRILITTOS enables the contact with the international community of handball, enriches us with experience and gives to the participants the experience of social sensitivity, volunteering and culture in the best possible way».


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