Austria defeated Greece, their third win in the tournament and kept their hopes of winning the tournament alive. They will now face Croatia in VRILITTOS’ last game tomorrow, but only a win will do for them.

The Greek team was forced to play without two key injured players Erifopoulos and Delichristos, nevertheless they surprised the Austrians and went up 7-5 in the 18th minute. Austria soon recovered and with a 5-0 run they took the lead (10-7) and never looked back. All Greece could do was cutting the difference from eight goals (21-13) to five, by pressing hard in the last five minutes.


Marouschek Roland (Austria Coach): “It was a great battle. Greece is strong, but our defence worked perfectly and enabled us to score some easy goals with counter attacks.”

Tasos Chatziparasidis (Greece Coach): “We tried hard, but winning a game against teams like Austria requires a lot of things. We need more training hours and facilities to develop as a handball nation.”


0-1, 2-2, 5-6, 7-7, 10-8, 13-10 (Half-time) 16-11, 19-13, 22-14, 24-19, 25-19, 27-22

Austria (Marouschek Roland): Hutecek 12,  Nikic 2, Kofler 1, Lampert 2, Nagele 1, Auss 3, Pfeifer 2, Schuh, Nikolic, Saric 3,Petrusic, Schwarzler, Derdak, Katic 1, Mostl, David.

Grecce (Tasos Chatziparasidis): Boultadakis 8, Baltatzis, Theodoropoulos, Eleftheriadis, Tsigaridas 5, Tziboulas 3, Boskos 2, Zafirakis 2, Agathonikos, Miggas 1, Karakechagias,  Tsakalos 1, Markatatos, Papantonopoulos, Giagkoulas.

Suspensions: 3 – 4, Team penalties: 3/4 – 6/6

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