Paris scored three times in the last five minutes to defeat YMCA and finish in tenth place at VRILITTOS 2017. The team from Thessaloniki ranked 11th.


Vasiliadis Georgios (YMCA Coach): “We enjoyed playing in this year’s VRILITTOS. We tried hard to beat Paris, but we lost the game in details. I have to admit that I was feeling less nervous last year as the assistant coach of the men’s team. Judging from what I saw I am satisfied with what my team did here and optimistic about the future of the Greek handball.”

Borde Jeremy (Paris Coach): “We were victorious in our last game against a very good opponent, which makes me happy. We kept on putting pressure on YMCA, we didn’t avoid making mistakes, but in the end we took we wanted to. Congratulations to all who contributed in delivering this brilliant tournament.”


2-2, 3-5, 6-6, 8-9 (Ημίχρονο), 9-11, 14-13, 15-14, 16-17

YMCA (Vasiliadis Georgios): Kokorotsikos 1, Tsihlis, Beqiri 1, Theocharidis, Osagki 3, Karousis, Karatheodorou 1, Okantaridis 1, Hatzilias, Fotiadis, Damianidis 3, Marinis 2, Ntempos 2, Koritsas 1, Mpillias, Theodorou 1, Malabetas, Trempelas.

Paris SG (Borde Jeremy): Bonifay 3, Rey 1, Fontaine 4, Bodin, Neufville 1, Vincent, Pichoron U. 4, Marwan, Pichoron P., Van Den Bosche 3, Messaaoudene 1, Texier, Torrent, Henni, Loiseau.

Referees: Tomidis-Kyriakou, Suspensions: 5-1, Teampenalties: 0/1-3-3.

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