PAOK Thessaloniki beat Filippos to claim the seventh spot. Kyriakidis led the winning side with nine goals, while Filippos had Karanatsios and Sarafis scoring four apiece.


Mpizetas Ioannis (PAOK Coach): “This year’s VRILITTOS has reached very high standards. My players gave everything they had. We will now work on improving their individual characteristics.”

Sarafis Kiros (Filippos Coach): “I am neither happy not unhappy with my players’ performance. The weakest aspect of our game is the shooting efficiency. At these ages, staying calm is a key factor as well as the body structure of the players. What I am mostly interested in is teaching my players the sport’s basics.”

3-1, 3-6, 7-7, 9-8 (Halftime), 11-8, 13-10, 14-12, 17-14

PAOK (Mpizetas Ioannis): Malandris, Friderikos 1, Sahinis, Telikostoglou S. 2, Fragkis K., Lamboudis 1, Kyriakides 9, Stagonas, Kontoudis 1, Gioranidis 3, Sakalakis, Papagiotas, Telikostoglou M., Fragkis I., Papatzanidis, Zervidis, Tsakalidis, Ntafoulis.

Filippos (Sarafis Kiros): Vasiliadis, Eleftheriadis, Emmanuilidis, Zamanis, Karagiovanis 1, Karanatsios 4, Katsavos, Likostratis 3, Mpogiatzis, Papagiannis, Pelekis, Petromelidis, Sarafis, Stankidis, Stefanopoulos, Tzortzinis, Choudaberdoglou, Tsamitros.

Referees: Laskaris-Tomidis, Suspensions: 1-0, Team penalties: 0/0-1/2.

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