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The attention and our interest for best, complete and quickly updated on the results of the games during the conduct of the International Tournament “VRILITTOS 2016” and the disclosure of our activities was the basic need for us to redesign the official website of VRILITTOS.

There are so many moments that we experienced in these three years, that somehow we wanted to share with you, the photo galleries, videos, compositions of teams taking part with a separate presentation of each player, our activities and general material which had not yet been published.

The hug and the love, of volunteers and people of the organizing committee and the ordinary people, make us to  try with the least we can to present you through the website, live images from the stadiums and all the actions.

In this effort, we considered all those things that was requested from us by participants, coaches, athletes, parents, and generally those who have contacted us, in order to create new site with new and modern features.


With our fresh face and the hopes and expectations for the future of the International Tournament VRILITTOS, we welcome you to this joint mutual acquaintance in the beautiful world of our events. We consider your visit to our website as a gesture which give us even more responsibility for your complete information, through a continuous process of enrichment of our website content as well as your own comments – comments.

We hope you like it and that you will embrace our new endeavor, by commenting, by sharing and adding (by email), views, opinions, reviews, pictures, so every section of this website become better.

In conclusion, 

Be There !!!!!

With love and appreciation,

the team of Vrilittos.com





Comments are welcomed..Please fill free to write here your opinion, your comments or any bug you found about this new site of Vrilittos..


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