Zagreb became VRILITTOS champions for the second time to tie the tournament’s record previously belonged exclusively to 2016 runner-ups Novi Beograd. The Croatian club rallied past the defending champions 30-14 in a clearly one-sided game.

Despite trying hard, Novi players couldn’t catch the pace, the strength and the stamina of Zagreb, who had star-player Leon Jutrisa leading the scoring charts once more with nine goals. Novi’s Pavle Cvijetic found the net four times.



ZAGREB CROATIA (Nino Markovic): “in all but one of our games at VRILITTOS we played well. Against Novi we probably had our best game and we feel happy we won the trophy once more.”

NOVI BEOGRAD (Aleksantar Markovic): “Zagreb were the hot favourites to win the trophy from the beginning of the tournament and they justified the odds. We tried as hard as we could to beat them, but in the end we are happy with second place.”


Timeline: 2-1, 6-3, 8-6, 13-7 (halftime), 16-8, 20-10, 26-13, 30-14

ZAGREB CROATIA (Nino Markovic): Turcic, Pandza, Tintor 6, Puric, Klaric 6, Cercek, Celic 3, Trninic 1, Dendo 1, Grdovic 1, Hanak 1, Leskovec, Goluza 1, Missoni, Strkovic 1, Jutrisa 9

NOVI BEOGRAD (Aleksantar Markovic): Zivanovic, Vasic, Milenkovic, Piskulic 1, Ranin, Radovanovic 1, Matijasevic, Babic, Mirkovic 2, Cosic 1, Cvijetic 5, Nesic 1, Jovanovic 1, Marin 2, Pavlovic, Lakic

Referees: Fokitis, Tsamos (Greece) 2΄ min.: 2-1 Penalties: 1/1 – 0/1


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Leon is the best of the best remember these boys
Couse they Are hard workers with above average talents among them


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