SERBIACROATIA 20-25 (15-15)

Croatia kept their hopes for finishing among the group’s top two spots alive after defeating Serbia 25-20.

The first half was tight with Croatia scoring the equaliser (15-15) in the last act of the game. In the second half the Croatian defence proved to be a tough nut to crack and helped Hrvatska create a five-goal difference. Serbia’s chanches to edge closer tarnished but a series of shots (including 7 m.) that hit the post.



Goran Veselinovic (CochSerbia): “Both teams paid respect to fair play. We played two matches today, that’s why we were very slow in moving the ball around in the second half. We lost our composure in offence and we also missed four 7 m. shots. Croatia deserved to win.”

Boris Dvorsek (Assistant coachCroatia):

“It was a very entertaining game which took place in a full-house arena and a fantastic atmosphere created by the spectators. Games between Croatia and Serbia are always special. We deserved to win as we were the better side, especially in the second half. Our goalkeeper was fantastic today and we executed well the 6-0 defence. Now we have to beat Greece if we want to reach the final.

“We are happy to be here and we will be looking forward to receiving VRILITTOS’ invitation for the 2017 edition of this fantastic tournament.”


Timeline (5 min): 4-2, 6-4, 9-8, 11-10, 13-13, 15-15 (halftime), 16-19, 17-20, 17-21, 18-23, 19-24, 20-25

SERBIA (Goran Veselinovic): Horvat, Milicevic, Veselinovic 5,Milunovic 3, Radovic 3, Milinkovic, Maksa,Micic, Cirovic, Causevic 4, Zivkovic, Hajdin,Stojanovic 2, Nikolic, Golubovic 1, Gakovic2.

CROATIA (Zoran Mlinaric): Puric, Kajba,Kolic, Vrbic, Dzaja, Medic 1, Starcevic,Hancic, Ivankovic 5, Brajdic, Safranko 7,David 4, Druzinec 1, Kraljevic, Javor 4, Zaja 3. 

Referees: Yann Carmaux (FRA), Julien Mursch (FRA). 2min: 7-5, 7m: 1/3-2/2

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