PARIS S.G. – VRILISSIA 19-23 (5-11)

Vrilissia registered a prestigious victory (23-19) at international level over the famous French club Paris Saint Germain.

Konstantinos Kotsionis continued his scoring spree adding eight more goals to his tally and was among the key factors who helped Vrillisia take a six-goal lead by halftime. Vrilissia further opened the gap to eight goals (22-14) in minute 35, but Paris managed to cut the difference in the final minutes.



Medina Alexis Pierre (CoachParis S.G.): “Vrilissia showed more motivated to win and were more aggressive than us. When the gap opened to eight goals I elected to use my youngest players – born in 2003. We usually play the little ones when we put pressure to our opponents’ ball handling and the players born in 2002 whenever we choose a 6-0 or a 5-1 defence.  

Sinisa Prokich (CoachVrilissia): “We honestly don’t care about our final ranking. Our main concern is to show our potential, use all our players and learn as much as we can by facing all these teams at VRILITTOS 2016. This is the most important things for these youngsters.

“It’s obvious that the kids are stressed, but that’s not necessarily a negative factor. I am satisfied with the win, but also by the fact that my players enjoy their participation at VRILITTOS. The tournament is fantastic and I am happy to see that all teams pay respect to fair play and the rules of sportsmanship.”


Timeline (5 min): 0-2, 2-5, 4-7, 5-11 (halftime), 7-15, 10-18, 14-22, 19-23.

PARIS S.G. (Medina Alexis Pierre): Loisaeu, Henni, Clin, Van Den Bossche C. 1, Poroes 2, Vincent, Constant, Fontaines 1, Neufville 2, Van Den Bossche L., Pichouron P. 8, Herry, Rey 2, Pichouron U. 2, Gherbaoui.

VRILISSIA (Sinisa Prokich)Kioultsidis, Gilakis 1, Korkolis, Liakos. Janca 6, Rigos, Tampakos 5, Kotsionis 8, Stathis 2, Genas, Kolasis, Aslis, Βozios, Stathatos 1, Dalekos 1, Koutras.

Referees: Giorgos Tsamos (GRE), Aggelos Fokitis (GRE). 2 min: 1-3, 7m: 1/3-2/2

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