Debutants at VRILITTOS Paris SG and Maccabi Dimona offered the spectators a spectacular game which was decided in the very last minute of the game. Ugo Pichouron scored the decisive goal with 39 seconds still on the clock. The team from Israel, who had a slender lead in most parts of the game, had the chance to equalise in the end, but they missed badly with their desperate 9m final shot.



Pierre Alexis Medina (CoachParis SG): “We feel happy to be here at VRILITTOS a tournament which was highly recommended by our compatriots of Saint Raphael. For us it’s quite an experience to play against teams from other handball cultures.

Tubul Shlomi (Coach Maccabi Dimona):  “We were very nervous throughout the whole game and lost too many chances to win. I also believe the referees made a crucial mistake in the end which cost us at least a draw. We’ll try our best in the next game.”

Timeline (5 min): 2-3, 5-6, 7-8, 9-9 (ημιχ.), 13-13, 16-17, 18-19, 22-21

PARIS SG (Medina Alexis Pierre): Loisaeu, Henni, Clin, Van Den Bossche C., Poroes, Vincent 3, Constant, Fontaines 11, Neufville 4, Van Den Bossche L., Pichouron P., Herry, Rey, Pichouron U. 3, Gherbaoui.

MACCABI DIMONA (Tubul Shlomi): Nir, Eli, Netanel, Eitmar, Liron 1, Shon 7, Liran, Daniel 1, Roi 12, Osher, Yanir, Elay 1.

Referees: Ionut Cazan (ROU), Gesur Suliman (ROU). 2min: 4-4, 7m: 1/1-2/3

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