GREECE – SERBIA 29-23 (15-8)

The Greek national youth team grabbed two valuable points in their opening game at VRILITTOS 2016 by defeating Serbia 29-23 with relative ease. 

Greece withstood the pressure Serbia put on them in the first half courtesy of their tight defence. By minute 33 Greece was already up by eight goals (16-8), but the Serbs never gave up and with a 7-1 partial they almost entirely bridged the gap, trailing by only two goals (17-15) with 21 minutes still to go.

Tasos Chatziparasidis players’ kept their composure though and within the next four minutes they were again up by six goals (22-16). Serbia’s last effort to salvage at least a point (25-22 in minute 53) was further restrained by Greece with a 3-0 run (28-22 with 1”15 to go) which ensured victory for the winning side in this exciting opening game of the youth tournament.



Tasos Chatziparasidis (CoachGreece): “We were generally good, despite some errors we made, which are normal for a youth team. This win was nothing more than two points to our credit. I would like to thank VRILITTOS for providing us with the opportunity to play against other strong national teams.”

Zikica Milosavljevic (CoachSerbia): “We only arrived in Veroia last night and thus missed a training session. At this age it is important not to lose contact with the ball, plus Greece was very effective in attack. I’ve never been to VRILITTOS before, but some of my players had when competed with Novi Beograd in previous tournaments. The organising committee has done an excellent job. It is always nice to see kids from various countries at that age interact with each other.”


Timeline (5 min): 1-0, 3-3, 5-5, 8-6, 11-7, 15-8 (ημιχ.), 17-12, 20-15, 23-17, 25-22, 29-23

GREECE (Tasos Chatziparasidis): Giagoulas, Damianidis, Boultadakis 5, Tsahouridis, Koukoutsidis 2, Bazdekis 4, Baltatzis 5, Eleftheriades 1, Tsigaridas 3, Tzimpoulas 3, Mavridis, Boskos 3, Miggas, Zfirakis 2, Garas.

SERBIA (Zikica Milosavljevic): Horvat 1, Milicevic 3, Veselinovic 3, Milunovic, Radovic, Milinkovic 1, Maksa, Micic, Cirovic, Causevic 1, Zivkovic 3, Hajdin, Stojanovic 4, Nikolic, Golubovic 1, Gakovic 6.

Referees: Yann Carmaux (FRA), Julien Mursch (FRA). 2min: 5-3, 7m: 1/2-2/3

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