GREECECYPRUS 36-14 (17-6)

Greece easily beat Cyprus 36-14 to set up a decisive match against Croatia tomorrow morning. The winning side of this game will boost its chances to reach the tournament’s final. Cyprus suffered their third defeat in as many matches.



Giannos Ioannou: (CoachCyprus): “We decided to take part at this tournament because we wanted to benefit and learn by playing against teams which are far better than us. We are giving our best in every game. Even the smallest step forward is important for the future of handball in Cyprus. The organisers have created a brilliant tournament. I would also like to thank them for their warm hospitality.”

Chatziparasidis Tasos: (CoachGreece): “Cypriots are always in our hearts. We knew that their level was not close to ours therefore we elected to give more time on court to kids who were not used that much in previous games and also to protect those who had suffered minor injuries. We expect from the people of Veroia to come and support us tomorrow because it’s going to be an extremely tough day with matches against Croatia and Israel.”


Timeline (5 min): 1-0, 5-2, 7-2, 10-3, 14-5, 17-6 (halftime), 20-6, 22-7, 26-9, 30-10, 35-12, 36-14

GREECE (Tasos Chatziparasidis): Tzatskas,Damianidis, Boultadakis 5, Theodoropoulos2, Koukoutsidis 3, Bazdekis, Baltatzis 3,Eleftheriades 5, Tsigaridas 2, Tzimpoulas,Delichristos 3, Mavridis 1, Boskos 1, Miggas5, Zafirakis 2, Garas 3.

CYPRUS (Giannos Ioannou): Miltiadous, Chrisovalantis, Karios, Pericleous, Kokkinos, Michail 3, Giorgallas, Charalambous An. 1, Georgiadis 2, Argirou 4, Georgiou 1, Taoushianis, Chatziandreas 1, Charalambous Mar. 2, Papalambrianou, Fesias.

Referees: Tomas Krzan (Slo), Matic Romih (Slo). 2min: 1-1, 7m: 5/5-0/0

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