Partizan thrashed Vrilissia 21-10 and earned the right to claim the fifth place on

tomorrow’s final day. The Athenian club underperformed and was never in

contention to fight for victory.”




Zivkovic Dusan (Assistant coach – Partizan): “We played better in our second match

today, than in the first. I trust we will end our matches at VRILITTOS tomorrow with

another win.”

Prokich Sinisa: (Coach – Vrilissia): “Partizan was better than us. Losing the game to

Saint Raphael in such a frustrating way was a big disappointment. Against Partizan

we played much worse than our usual standards. This tournament is an opportunity

for us to check where we are and which aspects of our game we must improve.”



Timeline: 3-1, 6-2, 8-3, 11-4 (halftime), 15-6, 18-7, 19-10, 21-10

PARTIZAN (Zinan Vukovic): Dordevic, Kosovac, Aleksic 2, Stojanovic 1, Bacanovic 6,

Vujicic 2, Gacic S. 2, Gacic F., Guduric, Isakovic, Jesic 2, Latinovic, Mijailovic 1,

Petrovic 1, Ristic 1, Denic 2.

VRILISSIA (Sinisa Prokich): Kioultsidis, Gilakis, Korkolis, Liakos. Janca 3, Rigos,

Tampakos 3, Kotsionis 2, Stathis 1, Genas, Kolasis, Aslis, Βozios, Stathatos 1, Dalekos,


Referees: Mpramou, Kasapi (Greece) 2 min.: 2-3 Penalties: 4/5 – 0/0


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