PAOK Thessaloniki secured their first victory at VRILITTOS 2016, after defeating

Aeropos 19-8. That result brought PAOK on third place, while Aeropos ranked fourth

in Group C. Both teams will now play for places 9-16.




Charis Delios: (Assistant Coach – Aeropos Edessa): “We are trying to gain as much

as possible by playing at this tournament. We don’t have many opportunities to play

at tournaments in our region. We hardly played three matches over the last 4-5


Yannis Mpizetas (Coach – PAOK): “We were drawn in a very tough group, with

Croatia being the strongest by far. We will try to finish as high as possible. This

tournament is like a school for everybody and we are very happy to be here.

Congratulations to the organisers.”



Timeline (5 min): 1-3, 1-4, 2-6, 2-9 (half-time), 3-11, 4-13, 5-16, 8-19

AEROPOS EDESSA (Ioannis Pilalidis): Stomas, Grekos, Gatsis 1, Kalatzis, Xenidis,

Katsakis, Paschos 2, Liandis 1, Totidis, Perros 1, Misirlidis 1, Poptsis 2, Gkentzis,

Gergis, Karakatsanis

PAOK (Ιoannis Mpizetas): Ntafoylis, Babatzanidis, Malandris 1, Friderikos 4, Sachinis

2, Telikwstoglou S. 1, Natsiopoylos, Lamboudis 4, Kiriakidis 2, Tsompanidis,

Kontoudis, Gioranidis 1, Stagonas, Papagiotas 1, Telikwstogloy M. 3, Fragkis

Referees: Merisi, Rosca (Italy) 2΄ min.: 4-3 Penalties: 2/2 – 3/3



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