Ionikos beat Lokomotiva Brcko 25-21 and finished 13th in the final ranking.

Defensively and in attack the Athenian club outclassed the Bosnians. Both coaches

shared time between all the players they had at their disposal.




Tontorovich Sotiris (Coach – Ionikos N. F.): “Our last game was a great opportunity

to field those who didn’t play much before. We made two wins in our last two

games, but we are much happier for being here at VRILITTOS 2016. Competition-

wise the tournament was awesome, as was the organisers’ treatment towards us.

We wish they will select us for next year’s VRILITTOS as well.”

Vasic Goran (Coach – Lokomotiva Brcko): “I used all my players in our last game.

Even the youngest managed to score. I know that finding the net at an international

tournament is a huge achievement for them. We could have ranked higher, but

sports is not only about winning.”



Timeline (5 min): 4-3, 7-6, 11-10, 15-11 (half-time), 18-11, 21-12, 23-16, 25-21

IONIKOS (Sotiris Todorovich): Siatras 4, Papadakis 6, Saleh, Pashaj 1, Melissis 1,

Zaharias, Karitinos, Kovanis 5, Karras 2, Vasilopoulos, Vasiliou 1, Veziris 2, Kozidis,

Routsias 3.

LOKOMOTIVA BRCKO (Goran Vasic): Gorickic, Domic, Radic 2, Nikolic 2, Grujic 1,

Levic 1, Dordevic 13, Geljic, Lucic L., Lucic D., Stjepanovic S., Todosijevic, Stjepanovic

A. 2, Puric, Tusic

Referees: Tsamos, Fotikis (Greece) 2 min.: 1-2 Penalties: 0/0 – 0/2



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