In very balanced duel that took place in the D. Vikelas hall between Maccabi Dimona

and Pylaia, the latter built a slender lead almost from the beginning of the game and

hold firm until the end to win 24-21. The result means Palaia will play for ninth place

against PAOK.




Shlomi Tubul (Coach – Maccabi Dimona): “We didn’t start well, but we managed to

come back. Right before the end of the first half the referees made a few errors

which decided the final outcome, especially the unjust red card they showed to one

of my players. I hope we will win our next game and finish eleventh, but all depends

on if the referees will be fair and just.”

Kiriakos Lappas (Coach – Pylaia): “We were a little bit more focused than our

opponents who are of the same calibre like us. There were moments we lost our

concentration, but at least the kids enjoyed the game. I would like to play with

anyone else but our neighbours PAOK in our final game, but what can we do?”



Timeline (5 min): 1-3, 5-6, 6-9, 9-10 (halftime), 12-14, 13-19, 19-21, 21-24

MACCABI DIMONA (Tubul Shlomi): Nir, Eli, Netanel, Eitmar, Liron 1, Shon 9, Liran 2,

Daniel 3, Roi 4, Osher, Yanir, Elay 2.

PYLAIA (Kiriakos Lappas): Alexandridis 13, Abatzidis 1, Siovas D. 1, Zigoulis,

Christoforou 1, Avgeridis, Siovas I., Piatsopoulos, Xidias, Babalis, Stefanidis 3, Gagos,

Siovas M., Petridis, Papanikou 5, Tsogas

Referees: Mursch, Carmaux (France) 2΄min: 3-5 Penalties: 3/3 – 4/5 Red Card: 20:00

Roi (Red Card)



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