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Pylaia rolled past Lokomotiva Brcko 21-13 in the D. Vikelas hall to start their games at VRILITTOS 2016 on a high note. The team from Thessaloniki used their rock solid defence to build an early lead and they were never threatened by their opponents until the end.




Goran Vasic (
CoachLokomotiva Brcko):

“Both sides tried their best, but I cannot say the same about the referees. They were the worst referees I’ve seen in the last five years and surely are not qualified to play in a brilliant tournament like this one. VRILITTOS is getting better and better each year and these young players can only benefit by taking part in tournaments like this.”


Kiriakos Lappas (CoachPylaia): “My players were quite stressed, but this came as no surprise to me since this was our opening game. I believe we won because physically we were stronger than Lokomotiva, who on the other side were better technically. Our main aim is to meet players of the same age who represent different cultures and compare the way we see handball in general.




Timeline (5 min): 0-3, 3-5, 5-8, 8-9(half time), 9-13, 11-15, 12-20, 13-21

LOKOMOTIVA BRCKO (Goran Vasic): Gorickic, Domic, Radic, Nikolic, Grujic, Levic 1, Dordevic 10, Geljic, Lucic L. 1, Lucic D., Stjepanovic S., Todosijevic, Stjepanovic A., Puric, Tusic 1

PYLAIA (Kiriakos Lappas): Alexandridis 7, Abatzidis 2, Siovas D., Zigoulis 1, Christoforou 1, Avgeridis, Siovas I., Piatsopoulos, Xidias 1, Babalis, Stefanidis 3, Gagos, Siovas M., Petridis, Papanikou 6, Tsogas

Referees: Bramou, Kasapi (Greece) 2΄min: 4-2 Penalties: 0/0 -2/2







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