In one of the most exciting games of Day 1 of VRILITTOS 2016, Olympiacos Keratsini became the first Greek club to beat a non-Greek team, after defeating Saint Raphael 31-24 in the D. Vikellas hall.

Olympiacos were trailing until minute 24’ when they finally took the lead 17-16. The French responded quickly and made it all square (18-18), but an attacking crescendo by Olympiacos eventually awarded them a hard fought victory.




Emmanuel  Isotton (Coach Saint Raphael): “We didn’t reach our usual standards. I don’t know if we should blame the long trip for that, but surely we can play better. Olympiacos is a good team and they deserved to win.”

Dimitris Markos: (CoachOlympiacos Keratsini): “First of all allow me to say that we feel extremely happy to be here. We feel honoured to be invited at VRLITTOS 2016 and of course we want to return next year for VRILITTOS 2017.”



Timeline (5 min): 5-3, 9-6, 13-9, 15-12(half time), 18-18, 18-22, 22-25, 24-31

SAINT RAPHAEL (Emmanuel Isotton): Chanoyan, Borja 3, Decroix 5, Brisseau 5, Penalva, Fiorenza 2, Lubrano 4, Legoff 5, Aici, Omnes, Belmonte, Maachou

OLYMPIACOS KERATSINIOY (Dimitris Markos): Samiow, Koukoulas 2, Vlachos, Kostopoulos, Giannakopoulos 1, Vazeos 4, Paletsakis 1, Karatzis, Michalopoulos, Anrion 5, Xipnitos 6, Mousoulis, Nakos 12, Lekakos, Paschalis

Referees: Andjelic (SRB), Djordjevic (SRB) 2΄min: 2-2 Penalties: 2/2 – 0/0




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