The theoretical part was the last part of the international coaching seminar which was held under the attention of ” VRILITTOS 2013 ‘’ and was completed successfully; 85 coaches from Athens and the all over Greece attended the seminar. John Vareltzis, President of Handball Coaches Association of Greece started first, analyzing the actions of the Association through workshops and seminars which were held . “We are pleased to present you one more seminar; I will present you Handball Coaches Association of Greece actions briefly. I start with the two workshops which were held the first one on 20/2/11 and the second one on 27/2/11 .It was the first development seminar, held in Loutraki, where Mr. Soults spoke.

The 1st International Conference Coaches took placed during the world youth championship in Thessaloniki. Our next action was the French Colloquium where mr. Kranakis and mr. Petitgirard spoke. Handball Coaches Association of Greece was present in the International Congress of Physical Education held in Komotini.

Other parallel actions were the awarding to people who have offered as well as Roundtable Topics which are recorded. “You give us courage to continue ‘’. Then, mr. Akis Valavanis on behalf of the organisers, stressed out how much touching the presence of so many coaches is, and gives them strength to continue this effort in the next coming years.

Finally, mr . Pantelis Hatziioannou, the president of the Hellenic Handball Federation, opened the seminar, noting: “As of today here, a new day starts for handball because it is the first time that a tournament of development ages is organized, self-financed, on such a way.

Thanks to Mr. Valavanis and Mr. Kotsionis and those who were involved with the organization of this international tournament .We will be present in all these cases but the main thing is you to be there also. Congratulations to those who deal with the Handball Coaches Association of Greece, its consistence helps for achieving many things. The first disadvantage of our sport is that we have built a sport with a top on but without a base and now we are trying to do the right think in order to ‘’fix’’ the sport ,this is why I insist on development. The first thing we are looking at is to ensure programs from of the European and International Federations. Our coaches have lack of more information while there is a need for new coaches. The aim is to ameliorate the content and the status of the ‘’Coach School’’.

To organize a symposium, on a yearly basis, at the end of every tournament in order to see what went well and what needs to change in the next new athletic period. It is not accurate for the association not to have an active role in the proposals and not to be able to suggest on how the sport can be ameliorated. I would like to have a discussion with the organizers of Vrilittos so as to see what the next step of this action will be. We have the advantage to maintain a good relationship with the French Federation and I think that it can help us in the development model. ” Honours to invited ‘’ During the break of the seminar, the Handball Coaches Association of Greece and the Organizing Committee honoured mr. Petitgirard Guy, mr Miki Radosavljevic and Aleksandar Brkovic .

The awarding, on behalf of Coach Association, was done by Messers Kranakis (Federal Technical Men), Nikos Grammatikos (General Secretary HHF) and Panagiotis Tzelalis (sponsor of Handball Coaches Association of Greece). The awarding on behalf of the Organizing Committee was done by Messrs. Dimitris Kotsionis (Chairman of the Organizing Committee), Akis Valavanis (Public relations officer of Organizing Committee), and Peter Korkolis (member of the Organizing Committee). The organizers of the seminar exchanged plaques having mr. Akis Valavanis and mr. John Vareltzis to receive them.

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